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Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs Sep 3 2009

Anyone would agree with me that if given the opportunity most of us would choose the highest paying job possible. So, is your job or career in this list? Ok, let’s find out…

The following are statistics of three different countries; US, UK and Singapore.

US top 10 highest paid jobs are:-

1.Surgeon. Surgeons are compensated for their brilliant work at the highest pay for this list at a whopping $181,250 per year. Think of it this way, in six short years after medical school, a surgeon will become a new millionaire.

2.Anesthesiologist gets paid $174,810 a year. They administer the drugs to a patient and make certain that your heart rate and breathing rates are all doing just fine. As far as I’m concerned Anesthesiologists don’t get paid enough!

3.Obstetrician and Gynecologist get paid $171,810 a year. This doctor brings new life into the world, and makes certain that a woman is healthy in her nether region.

4.Orthodontists make less than you probably would have thought, ringing in at a paltry $163,410.

5.Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon brings in about $160,000 a year.

6.General Internist rakes in about $156,550. No wonder so many Moms are proud of their children for becoming doctors!

7.Psychiatrist makes about $146,150 a year for asking you what you think about that problem.

8.Prosthodontist gets paid just slightly less than a psychiatrist does at $146,080 yearly.

9.Family and General Practice Physician is compensated at about $140,370 yearly.

And at the bottom of the list is the person who is in charge of the entire operation and gets paid the least amount:

10.Chief Executive Officer only gets paid $140,210 a year.

But a CEO undoubtedly gets a ten million dollar bonus at the end of the year.


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UK - Top Highest Paid Jobs

1.Company Directors - Pay: £171,509

2.Doctors - Pay: £81,744

3.Brokers - Pay: £80,233

4.Financial Managers and Chartered Secretaries - Pay: £79,545

5.Civil Servants (Senior) - Pay: £71,824

6.Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers - Pay: £61,585

7.Management Consultants and Economists - Pay: £52,505

8.Lawyers, Judges and Coroners - Pay: £51,579

9.Police Officers (Inspector and above) - Pay: £51,487

10.Managers (Marketing and Sales) - Pay: £50,575


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Singapore Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs – Figures shown are average monthly gross wages excluding performance bonuses, profit sharing and stock options.


1.Specialised surgeon - $27,977

2.Managing director - $26,444

3.Personal banker - $20,238

4.Commodities futures broker - $19,098

5.General manager - $18,068

6.Foreign exchange dealer and broker - $17,383

7.Company director - $16,025

8.Finance sales associate professional - $15,833

9.Fund manager- $12,634

10.Risk management manager - $12,200


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Unfortunately, we do not have any comprehensive data for Malaysia.

Anyway, what can we conclude from the above lists?

Medical and finance seem to sum up the two major fields that earned the most. And to be at the top three, you may need to spend a longer time in school. Someone said, it’s worth it if you can become a millionaire in just a few short years after graduation. What say you?

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