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Happiness And Peace Of Mind Are Not Goals Nov 14 2012

Many people make the mistake of setting goals “to be happy” or “to have a peace of mind.” Happiness and peace of mind are not goals. They are conditions of life. They come as a result of the personal growth and the person you become by doing the things necessary to reach your goals.

For example, let’s say your goal is to become a millionaire in five years. Since money is a reward for services rendered or products sold, there’s only one way you can do this without violating nature’s laws - provide enough service or products so that others will reward you enough money in the next five years for you to have $1,000,000 by then.

How could you provide this service or these products? If you’re in sales, sell more products to your existing customers. If you’re an engineer, design more products and improve the existing ones. You are then rewarded based on the number of people you help who use the products and services available through your efforts.


Would you agree that when you are focusing on helping others, you’ll be growing as a person? Would you also agree that as you grow and help other people, you’ll more likely be happy and enjoy peace of mind as a result? This is the natural order of this cause and effect relationship. Stretching for your goals causes you to grow, which causes you to live with a higher level of awareness. The effect of this whole process is increased happiness, peace of mind and more success, as you live your dream.

Source Smith, Jeffrey D. Focus on your dream, 102-103. Advantage Quest Publications

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